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Hold on to Hope

The year 2020 has not been quite the year that many of us anticipated. As the weeks creep by and I see more frustration, anxiety and...

Helping Your Heart

Taking A Proactive Approach for your Hearts Health It is never too early or too late to maximize the benefits that come from being...

When you Need Help

January 2020 has been a long month. Sadly, there have been many tragic events, violent occurrences and devastating losses thus far. ...

January Jam Up

January is viewed as the month of new beginnings. It’s a new year, 365 new days to write a new story. Four whole seasons to get more out...

60 Minutes of Self care

Let’s face it, most of us are not practicing self-care the way we truly need to be. We let life take over and allow ourselves to burn...

Vision Boards for Kids

Show your child/teen how to set and reach goals through the magic of vision boards! Believing in your dreams and goals is as important as...

More than Memes

Social Media has become a widely used part of our lifestyle. Whether your a millennial, who grew up with social media being a go to for...


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Running Shoes