60 Minutes of Self care

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Let’s face it, most of us are not practicing self-care the way we truly need to be. We let life take over and allow ourselves to burn out. We run the race, most of the time, with a mediocre attempt to keep a social life and a weak attempt to stay healthy. I know it sounds harsh. I know. But think about it. When was the last time you wrote in a journal, meditated, got a great night sleep or even had an inspiring thought session with a friend? All of those things contribute greatly to your health; it’s not solely about fitness and food.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “if mama ain't happy, nobody’s happy”?  This literally means, mama is not happily, healthily and properly able to care for others because she is not caring for herself!  Example: Have you ever been around your own mom post mani/pedi?  Isn't she less stressed and doesn't she seem happier?  It is because she sat with a bunch of other adults, got her feet rubbed, picked her own nail color and unplugged for 2 hours.  Maybe she gets to do this once a month. Maybe. The benefits of this simple escape have been called miraculous. (Seriously, ask any new mom you know.)

A damn near guarantee you will relax, rejuvenate and refresh yourself is attending a wellness retreat.  Realistically, the majority of us can’t take a wellness weekend once a month, once a season or even once a year.  As fantastic as that would be for your mind, body and spirit, it is time and money consuming.  But that doesn’t mean you should ignore your well-being. There are simple, free activities you can do in the comfort of your own home that will help you realign yourself, resulting in a healthier, happier and better you.

Start simple. Schedule one hour into your day for self-care. Set the hour aside during a part of the day that works best for you. Favorable times are early morning and late evening. Set your phone to do not disturb for a distraction free wellness hour.

Force yourself to sit for a quick meditation using breath and power statements. Find a comfortable spot where you can sit and open your body and mind up. Control your breath, deep breath in and long breath out, and repeat power statements which are affirming, positive, healthy and fitting to your need or mood. Some examples of those could be: I am light, I am healthy, I am calm, I am focused, I am worthy, I am rested, I am loved, I am beautiful, I am strong. Choose statements that speak to you, say what you need to hear and what you need to feel. Even if you have never meditated before, do not worry, you cannot do this “wrong”.

Yoga/stretching/fitness for 15 minutes will certainly pep you up. Dance to your favorite music, do a set of jumping jacks, go for a brisk walk, just move. Get the blood flowing. Play your favorite music.

Have a drink. A fresh green juice. Your favorite herbal tea. Cucumber water. Something soothing. Refreshing. Light. Something that suits your mood. Something you can sip and enjoy.

Hot or cold towel sessions are an easy yet super relaxing way to refresh yourself. A moist heated towel feels great on the skin, especially the face or feet! If heat is not an option then a moist cold towel on the back of the neck feels so good. Add in some essential oils therapy and you’ll feel as if you are in the spa!

Write an appreciation note (or email or text) to your friend, spouse, local business owner, parent or to yourself. It feels good to thank someone, telling them why they are important and special. Not only are you feeling good but you are now doubling the effect by making someone else feel good too. You can journal the appreciation letter to yourself, or if your drawing a blank don’t fret, simply jot down 5 things you are grateful for.  Gratuity is an instant mood enhancer.

Being Better is about more than just fitness and nutrition. Being better is how you live. How you act and react. How you treat people and how you treat yourself.  An hour of wellness is exactly what you need to get into Better Mode!

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