Being Healthy is a Multiple Process Practice

Last night we led an appreciation healing reiki circle in honor of Thanksgiving.

Dr. Dawn Siglain, ND, moved and cleared energy, played the singing crystal sound bowl and helped us meditate through the session. Our guests left feeling refreshed, happy and at ease.

So why would a fitness trainer lead an energy healing workshop? It’s very simple. I believe in touching upon any and all areas of health that will have a positive impact. The health and happiness of my clients, as well as my friends and family, can only get better exposing them multiple ways of improvement through new workshops. Health is NOT a single process. Health is all encompassing. From exercise to nutrition to mindfulness and energy moving... health is a multiple process practice.

We are all unique individuals made up of specific DNA. We have all been raised differently contributing to our personality traits and our beliefs. But, Abraham Hicks say that a belief is simply a thought you continue to think. So, if you believe that you will always be overweight, unless you change your thoughts you can not change that belief. This is just a slight example of how our thoughts have significant power over our health.

Why is this important? A Reiki circle, meditation practice, prayer, acupuncture, essential oil therapy, nutrition, exercise and many other processes work together to help you change your limiting thoughts, help you reach your goals and assist overall in improving your health and your life. Even if your thoughts have you believing that energy healing, yoga or meditation are not helpful, you can begin to change those thoughts right now. Allow yourself to have new experiences, be open to the possibility of alternate feel good practices.

Get out there and try something different. The following practitioners can be found in New York and are fantastic at their crafts. These professionals take pride in inspiring and helping others and will welcome you with warmth and excitement.

Try Reiki with the incredible healing hands of Dr. Dawn Siglain of Huntington.

Try polarity or vitamin infusions. These are available by appointment at Replenish Health and Wellness also located in Huntington. Try Yoga with Dee Dee Morrow in Babylon. Try Brazillian Jiu Jitsu at Vamos BJJ in Bellport. Try nutritional counseling or personal training with me in Center Moriches.

Instagram accounts:

Dr. Dawn Siglain, ND @DrDawnND

Replenish Health @ReplenishHealth

Dee Dee Yogi @YogaDeeNurseDee

BJJ Bellport with BlackBely Joe Mordente @Vamos_mma

Elite Trainer/Nutrition Consultant Maria Faller


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