Craving a Change? Three Things you can Change Right Now.

Have you been feeling like a charachter out of The Walking Dead lately? Specifically, one of the actual walking dead? Are you tired of looking at the same 4 walls every day? Do you crave a change of scenary?

Well, you're in good company. I have spoken to colleagues, friends and family, (even the staff at my local aged grapes store) who all have been feeling the same. The mundaneness of the past 6 months is crushing. Add in the stress of the unknown, the anxiety of what the main stream media shows us and the life changes we make to accomodate the current is not suprising we feel like crazy zombies.

I get it, It seems like we have no options, other than waiting until this bizarre time passes. My famous phrase for the past 6 months has been "one day at a time." And while it seems we are stuck at home more than we are out, we do have the ability to switch up the envionrment! Here are 3 things you can do today to change the mood, the scnary and the vibe in your home.

1- Change the station. The news is not offering us anything good. Plain and simple. To be honest, even if something amazing was happening, the MSM probably wouldnt show us. So, change the channel. Turn on a comedy, a documentary or just turn the tube off. Pick up a book, do a crossword, turn on some music or play a game. You have the power to choose what your absorbing.

2- Change your clothes. I am the sweatpants Queen, I get it! But after 6 months of lounge wear, changing into a real outfit, jeans, a sundress or even a fun jumper, can really make you feel better. Try a new hairstyle, wear a new lipgloss or a new hat. Dress yourself up and snap some selfies. I promise it will pep you up!

3 - Change your decor. Do you know the power of paint?! A fresh coat of paint on the walls of your most utilized room offers a nice change of scenary. Add different curtains, candles or plants. Put new pictures in your frames or change the tablecloths. Anything you can think of to switch up the rooms ambience can help alleviate the dullness.

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