I am the Mom of a Student Athlete...and I am Struggling.

Updated: May 8, 2020

I am sitting here watching the epic movie Remember the Titans with my boys.

I can’t help but feel the pull at my heartstrings. Aside from the obvious feelings you catch when watching this true story, I feel something so much more today and I don’t know if I can properly articulate it, but I will try.

I have felt no bigger thrill than sitting in the stands (cheering and yelling from the sidelines really) watching my boys (our team!) run onto the football field, American Flag in hand, and singing the National Anthem. Even now I can feel the excitement of following them up and down the field...watching their tackles, sacks and fumbles, and seeing them win. And watching them lose.

I am missing the joy of watching them pump eachother up and support eachother when they are down. I miss the high fives, the chest bumps, the yelling, the laughter and the tears. I’m missing the bonds the teammates created through the season, the obstacles, injuries and even the games played in the horrible weather.

I miss the coaches calling their plays out,

and losing their shit on the sideline. I miss the praising them like no other human can properly praise an athlete. I miss the team practices and the carpooling. I miss seeing the other kids and their parents.

These kids are all missing their Spring Sports. Some people may not understand what I am saying or how I am feeling, but some will. The kids miss their coaches. They miss their teammates and they miss the feeling of being on a team, playing on a field and competing for something bigger than themselves. They are missing school yes, but our kids are missing another huge part of their lives right now.

I can’t pretend to understand how my boys are feeling right now. Maybe because they always

appear strong and resilient to me. Actually, they are strong and resilient. But I know if I am feeling this tug at my heart, they must be feeling it too. Or more.

All I know is I miss it. I miss it all.

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