Right Now, It's Easier to Work Out at Home

Home workouts are just as effective as gym workouts. Aside from career body builders, home workouts will get you the results your looking for, even if your competing. I know some may disagree, but I have experienced it with clients. I have seen it with my own eyes.

You may want to lose weight, gain muscle or just stay fit and focused. Home workouts can help you achieve all of that and more. Here are my reasons why home workouts are better than gym workouts.

1- The gym is a process.

When we work out in a public gym, it really is a whole process. You have to get dressed. Maybe pack a bag. Travel to the gym. Maybe shower at the gym. Depending on the weather, change clothes and shoes. Wait for your machines. Hand sanitize. Now in NY we are adding "wear a mask" to this list. Honestly, you can keep the gym. I'm working out at home.

2- No noise.

No distractions, no crowds, no strange ogling, no peak time, no waiting, no germs, no nonsense. At home you can focus strictly on you.

3- It's clean.

Truth: If you are nervous about germs, the ONLY place you are garunteed to be truly at ease is your own home. Why? You clean it. You do the work, you know your products, you know who comes in and out and guess what? If you still catch a cold or virus, yo have noone to blame but yourself.

4- Easy Access.

Bathroom, check.

Water, check.

Change of clothes, check.

Shower, check.

Food, check.

Music, check.

Netflix on the big screen during cardio, check.

5- It's free.

ASide from the minimal equipment you may purchase, your workouts are virtually free. The gym can cost upwards of $120 a month, and honestly, this is no time to squander! Use that money on other items like nutritious foods and toilet paper.

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