Self Care Sunday with a Buddy

Yes, I talk a lot about self care. Self care can be viewed as selfish. Self care can be neglected. Self care can be rejected. But you know what, self care is essential.

Have you heard of burnout? Maybe you have felt burnt out. Have you ever felt run down? Have you been bored before? How is your immune system? How is your aggravation tolerance? Do you run out of patience easily? How's your body feel? How are you sleeping? How are you blood labs looking? How's your waistline? How is your view of the world?

ALL OF THESE feelings, symptoms and experiences can be alleviated by practicing self care. Self care is necessary. For me, self care allows me to be more patient, less aggravated, less bored and it truly helps me feel better. So if you think self care is a negative action for you to take, think again.

Sundays are a great day to practice a little self care!

Grab a buddy, a friend, spouse, your child or even your dog, and get some self care in. Go for a walk. Get a massage. Take a yoga class. Practice meditation. Share what your grateful for. Get a pedicure. Watch a funny movie with your favorite snack. Go ice skating. Play ball. Anything that makes you feel good is self care.

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