Who is Behind A Better View?

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Hi new friends. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Maria, Momma of the 2 coolest kids I know. Founder/President of Be A Better You Fitness, Be Better Kids, and the Be Better Retreats and Workshops.

I am a creator, motivator, inspirer, elite fitness trainer, a wellness supporter & a certified nutrition consultant.

I have earned a degree in Psychology & English from the prestigious Hofstra University. I am a published author, a freelance writer, content contributor and now, a blogger.

I live with Celiac Disease and health anxiety. I have been to that place we call Rock bottom. It is my absolute belief that we should strive for a better life, not a perfect life. I know that we can all become better versions of ourselves. I know we have unlimited untapped potential. I know that with the right tools, Information and guidance, we can all achieve our goals, our dreams and the vision we hold for ourselves.

Over the last 10 years I have developed programs from fitness, to nutrition, to mindset & more that will help people be their own better. I have formed connections with fantastic professionals, doctors, small business owners, coaches & parents. Over the years I have been educated, have shared success stories, have gained experiences, and I am so excited to continue on this path with all who join me.

Please email me with any questions or comments,

*Many of my photos on this Blog, including the above, are by my incredible photographer, Lisa Marie Photography, Inc. located in Rocky Point NY.

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