The Gross Response to Adele's Weight Loss

Updated: May 9, 2020

Adele, superstar singer, with a voice known all over the world, just celebrated her 32nd birthday. She posted a show of gratitude for front line workers, with a brief thank you for the birthday wishes, and the beauty donned a huge grin and black mini dress. The star is visibly thinner. Which should not be a complete shock providing her last few posts have shown a slimmer singer, and one Instagram post with a caption indicating she has been exercising, "I used to cry but now I sweat".

Using exercise as a therapeutic release is not uncommon in response to a personal trauma, like a break up. As a matter of fact, exercise is one of the healthiest outlets to deal with negative emotions. I wonder if we would see the same horrid response had she began abusing prescription pills for her sadness rather than using the treadmill. My instincts tell me there would be a much more caring and empathetic response had the picture showed Adele waving as she walked into a rehab center.

As I scrolled the comments on her Instagram post, because sometimes I do that, I was not shocked at all by the trolls of social media. I wanted to be, but I wasn't. While there were some sane, kind people who praised her and wished her well, others, (keyboard warriors as I like to call them) spit venom. One person commented, "I want the old Adele, chubbier prettier", and that is one of the kinder comments.

On the site, I saw an article with the headline "Is it fatphobic to praise Adele's weight loss in her latest Instagram photo?" My thoughts, What in the actual fuck is going on here? Fatphobic to comments a woman's thinner appearance? Completely absurd. The tweets I have seen are disgusting, proving once again, what we already know, that hypocrisy still runs wild. Other females are blatantly angry, outwardly annoyed and showing severe delusion with their commentary on Adele's new look. (Oh the men got in on it too.) And the worst part, these are the same women who promote "women supporting women" and "girl gang" shit. You know what I say? Mind. Your. Business. Mama always said "if you ain't got nothing nice to say, your probably a miserable bitch".

Adele has always been gracious about her body. She has been quoted many times as saying she is proud of her body, and why she should she stop being proud now? And the cold, hard truth is, we do not know what she did, how she did it or what is happening in her life. We just don't know and it does not matter. If you find yourself spewing insults with the quickness, I urge you to look long and hard at yourself. This is not about skinny, fat, body shaming, or talent. This is about the insecurities people have within themselves and the need for attention, no matter how they can get it.

The gold standard of how a females body should look is always changing. Who is to say what my body should look like? Who is to say what is sexy? A woman who feels good, who is healthy and kind, who is happy and glowing, and who supports others with praise is the sexiest of all women. I don't care if that woman is a size 2, a size 12 or a size 22.

Adele, girl you look gorgeous and happy and I cannot wait to hear you sing again.

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