The time I put Rumchata in my Protein Shake

Remember the movie Groundhogs Day? Where Bill Murray relives February 2nd over and over and over. He wakes up every day and it’s Groundhogs day every day, and he is forced to relive this day again and again.

Every so often I get that same Groundhogs day feeling of extreme monotony. Like it’s me living the same day over and over again. When that happens, I know I need to shake things up. First, I immediately do something spontaneous- just to break the boredom. Usually I go shop, to the salon, to the library or even call a friend I have not spoke to in a while. Anything to disrupt my Groundhogs day.

I then make start making bigger changes to the days ahead. Plan a coffee date, look for different projects to tackle or activities to do, anything that can break the routine. It is always fun to switch up the plan, be spontaneous or just add something new to the mix.

Last week, after a pretty good workout, I was making my protein shake and noticed the bottle of rumchata on the counter. I thought to myself, that would taste fantastic in this vanilla shake. So I put some in. I just poured the rumchata into my shake and mixed it up. It was delicious, like a super creamy martini.

This was at 12:30 in the afternoon, on a weekday. I really enjoyed that shake. It was an out of the blue move. It was different and it broke up my day. But as I reflect on this, I recognize why I did it. I had recently been creating the Be Better Wellness Weekend for 9 months. It took a lot of planning, including writing a course, networking, scheduling and so much more. I enjoyed the unfolding of this weekend tremendously at the end of October.

Last year, in 2018, I spent a short time

writing my book, and a really long time editing and publishing it. Another project that kept me on my toes. As I recall these incredible experiences that took up so much time and even more effort, I realize that when my life gets still, I get bored. But, bored is not really what it is. It feel like more of an uneasiness. I like the hustle. I enjoy the grind. When it slows down, as much as I try to revel in the calmness, I just get more uncomfortable.

As I dive further into why I feel this way, so many things come up for me. While I can lay them all out here in this post, it is really irrelevant. anything in the past is finished and reliving past experiences does not serve us. All that truly matters is moving forward and finding joy, peace and purpose. And so, as I embrace the lull, I also continue to work on new things. I act on fun impulses. I look forward for the next surprise.

The next time time you get a fun or out of the ordinary impulse, don’t feel bad about going with it. Breaking up your routine can cause some major shifts in your life! Every day is full of surprises, you really never know what’s in store. When you actively seek out change, you will be pleased at how your day, week and even your life can transform.

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