Vision Boards for Kids

Show your child/teen how to set and reach goals through the magic of vision boards!

Believing in your dreams and goals is as important as believing in yourself. When we start the powerful process of visualization, many benefits will arise. Once we have a clear vision of what we want, we can take action toward making that vision a reality. Certain tools and practices have proven to be highly effective in the realization of goals.

A vision board is a tangible tool that helps lay out a vivid picture of goals, keeping them fresh in your mind daily. The benefits of vision boarding include the creation of an emotional connection to your goals, holding a positive life view, dreaming big and the activity itself forces you to write down your goals, which helps in getting really clear about the specifics. The vision board process provides focus, motivation and makes you more productive.

Evidence has shown that those who create vision boards are more likely to attain their goals than those who do not. As you help your child create a vision board, you are showing your support, sharing in their ideas for the future and exploring your own as well. The vision board process is fun and beneficial for everyone.

Use these 5 tips to start the Vision Board activity with your child:

1- Have your resources ready.

Have a notebook or paper and pencil for goal writing. You can use a poster board, a cork board or even a scrap book. Have old magazines, markers, crayons, stickers and even catalogs and circulars will do. Scissors, glue, tape and pushpins will come in handy. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to create! Have some favorite snacks and beverages on hand for nourishment.

2- Guide your child.

Help her think about and write out clear goals that she would like to attain within the next 1 to 3 years. Use the notebook to jot down the goals and actions that can be taken to reach them. Common goals include making athletic teams, getting healthier, improving academics and travel. Don’t dissuade her from dreaming big, but help in making realistic choices. For instance if she says “ I want to be a millionaire next year”, gently guide her in the direction of tweaking that goal. Suggest that she may want to start with “I’d like to save X amount of money over the next year”. Then under that goal write the various ways she can start to earn money. Paste photos of money on the vision board, and write the exact amount of the goal.

3- Go over the reasons behind the goals. For instance, let’s say he chooses a red car. Talk about what result he is hoping to attain from having a red car. What does the red car signify to him? As you ask more questions to zero in on the purpose behind the item, many times you will be surprised to find out that the goal is actually not the item at all. Often, when someone visualizes money, it’s not money they desire at all. It’s freedom. Work together to pinpoint the true purpose behind the pictures. You and your child may both be surprised at what you find out!

4- A clear and clutter free vision board.

You should be able to see each piece posted. It should be neat and clearly appointed, which will allow your child to keep focus on each goal. Offer help in placement of photos, and importantly, lay out the board before you start gluing!

5- Daily Focus

Hang the board somewhere it will be seen every day, multiple times a day. Give the board attention 1-2 minutes in the morning and in the evening. Teach your child to focus on achieving everything they have dreamed up, by seeing it, imagining how it will feel, taste, smell and sound. If learning to swim is on that board, have your child imagine how the water feels on their skin, how his body is moving faster with each stroke and to even imagine the smell of the chlorine. This will help make the dream real, making it seem much more attainable.

Vision Board making will help your child learn the process of goal setting, visualization, dreaming and focus. The benefits are stupendous, encouraging clear, positive thinking and accountability. It’s a great activity that will keep the whole family motivated and inspired!

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