Weight loss vs. Health

Have you noticed more instagram posts, media stories and advertisements for “Weightloss fixes”? The teas, the pills, the wraps and the amazing magical potions? Millions of Americans spend their hard earned money on these “fast fixes” only to end up disappointed with a pantry full of nasty teas and gross shakes.

When scientists want a mouse to lose weight, they feed it less and make it run. When your puppy needs to lose a few pounds you feed it less (or differently) and you walk him

more. So why on earth would you think that human weight loss can be sped along by an advertised miracle drug?

Stop making this hard. Weight loss is calories in vs. calories out. Health is what type of calories you are taking in. So yea, it’s 2 different things. There is a popular diet plan out there on which you can eat whatever you want as long as your within a certain amount of points (calories). This is a great plan for weight loss. This really works And it’s simple to follow. But, when applied wrong, this is not a great plan for health.

If you are staying within your caloric intake but using those calories for pizza, beer and candy, the scale may go down but your cholesterol is going up. The scale may say weight loss but your heart is working harder. The scale makes you happy but your kidneys are working overtime. What you put in your body matters!

Healthy weight loss is staying within your deficit calorie count and eating foods to nourish your body. Greens, lean proteins, fruit, smoothies, and healthy starches (sweet potatoes, quinoa). With a few tweaks to your diet and your lifestyle, you will notice the numbers on the scale slowly dropping. Add an exercise routine to further improve your health.

However you choose to lose weight, when eating your next meal, ask yourself, how is this helping or hurting my body? If it’s hurting your body by spiking your sugars, clogging your arteries, causing a headache or giving you acid reflux, skip it. Remember, you get only one life and one body. You are absolutely worth taking care of yourself.

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