Will the Real-life Influencers Please Stand Up...

I would much rather see a working mom, a stay at home dad, a thrifty shopper or any real, relatable human. Where are they?

The words influencer, affiliate and brand ambassador seem to be everywhere. As I scroll my Instagram account lately, it seems there are more and more influencers, or maybe I am just noticing them more. I have noticed so much, in fact, that I have started to pay a little attention.

All I see is women, (beautiful women for sure) thin, long hair, all very comparable looking and all sporting very similair styles. All the posts, honestly, a bit bland. Where is the color? And unique hairstyles? Where are the curvy women, the tall and the short women? The muscular women? How about some funky styles? Bright colors? Where are the male influencers at because I never see them! Or non-manicured, messy bun mommas? Where is the real life, crazy-day, coffee drinking, filthy car driving, mask-forgetting mom? Wheres the pop?

I know, this is probably completely ridiculous, because I am sure that Instagram and the influencer companies have plenty of these types of participants...but I never see them. I really don't. I know that if I saw someone I could relate to, someone like me, recommending a supplement, or lip-gloss, snake-skin boots or amazing pair of fancy sweatpants, I would jump all over it.

I wonder if influencers are chosen solely on how they look, or how many followers they have. Or are they chosen for their mild, trendy and safe posts? Is it about trend? Has uniqueness and individuality lost it's luster? Is it a numbers game, just a matter of followers? Maybe the world of influencers is just out of my league. I am never impressed with actors and their basic recommendations anyway. I prefer to hear about what my friends and peers are loving.

What I would truly appreciate, is mentioning or tagging any real influencers that I could check out and follow! Who do you follow and love? Who is fun and unique? Who shows you the best deals, the wild tops and coziest pajamas? Who is not afraid to be real, authentic and exposed? Where are my 7/11 coffee drinkers at?

All Love XO,


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